Thursday 26 May 2011

SoG Centenary Report


It was the Society of Genealogists' anniversary bash earlier this month - and a report of the occasion has appeared on their website here.  Seems like it was a very grand 'do', with some notable speakers and the like.  An award was handed out, too: the Prince Michael Award, which was dished out to Alex Graham of Wall to Wall Television (the company behind TV's Who Do You Think You Are?) - see separate report here.

An interesting piece has come to me via the FFHS's emailing list, thus:

As the 100th Anniversary of Titanic approaches, Titanic Heritage Trust are pleased to announce the creation of a database of descendants of survivors and of all those who were lost on 15th April 1912. If anyone has a connection or knows someone who has a connection with the Titanic please contact us.

Also, as part of the 100th Anniversary events are being planned, we are hoping to get together in one place as many as possible of the descendants of survivors and any descendants of those who were lost when Titanic sank. 

If you have any information which would help us please contact:
Howard Nelson, Titanic Heritage Trust, The TechnoCentre,
Puma Way, Coventry CV1 2TT
Telephone: 024 76236556, Email:

(the Trust's website can be found at

Welsh researchers will want to make a note in their diaries that the Gwent Record Office will be closed to the public from 30th July 2011 until October 2011 in order to move to its new site at Ebbw Vale.  I shall remind you all nearer the time - but you can keep abreast of developments at and


Audrey Collins of TNA has posted an interesting piece on her institution's DocumentsOnline / Digital Microfilm facility - the latter being of special interest, as it's, well, free!  Most of the records available at the moment are military in nature, but it's a research option worth keeping in mind, for sure.

Want a strange story about the aristocracy, multiple marriages and embalmed wives?  Then have a look at this extraordinary story from Wales.  Whoa!


And when you've got over that little horror story, check out the forthcoming TV & Radio.


1868:  Last public execution in Britain - that of famed Fenian Michael Barrett for his part in the Clerkenwell bombing.  See Wikipedia article, here, and the extraordinarily-named 'Execution of the Day' blog, here.

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