This listing is, for the most part, arranged geographically - and there is a 'Specialist' section at the very bottom.  Folk should also be aware of the existence of several 'accreditation bodies' of which many of the individuals below are members, namely AGRA, ASGRA, APGI, AUGRA and SGNI.  Not being a member of such a body does not, of course, mean that an individual is not competent.

Tracing Living People &/or Adoption

Ancestral Research

Britain & Ireland has been carved up into the generally recognised 13 regions as per below.  The English 'split' is based on the following map...

Note for Potential Clients: If you're in a quandary about where to look for a service, then just use your noggin and try a couple of regions which seem to be in roughly the right place.  Quite often those listed under 'UK-wide' will also specialise in a particular area (usually London).

Note for 'Listers': If in doubt about where to place your business, then I'm happy to include you in two (or more) adjoining regions.


North-East England

North-West England

Yorkshire & the Humber
  • Yorkshire Family History - A research company born out of a thirty year passion for conducting quality genealogical exploration.

East Midlands

West Midlands

East England
  • London Research Service - Long established professional genealogists offering a comprehensive research service in Essex & Suffolk.
  • Colin N Davison (Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire & Cambridgeshire)


South-East England

South-West England

Channel Islands



Northern Ireland / Ulster

Republic of Ireland


House Histories

Heraldry & Nobility