Thursday 12 May 2011

More Royal Background Info


GeneaBloggers features a guest blog from a Scottish heritage expert who has kindly given us a bit more reading on the recent Royal Wedding.  It's an interesting historical piece which tells us something that I suspect very few of us know, namely, the origin of William's newly-acquired title, the Earl of Strathearn. Read all about it here.

A short but sweet article about the influence of the public house in the lives of our ancestors by The Wandering Genealogist, here, got me thinking.  I mean, even if our own families aren't directly involved in the running of a village pub, or whatever, the institutions still played a hugely important role in our forebears' lives.  It occurs to me that wherever your distant family may have hailed from, this is an aspect of social history that should be actively sought out.  To know the old village pub of your ancestral homeland (if it survives, which they often do) is akin to sharing a little of your ancestors' lives - second only to the parish church, maybe.


My recent appeal for information feeds for Welsh news brought a response from 'Christine' of the 'Genealogy Tours of Scotland' blog, who has kindly flagged the 'People's Collection Wales' website.  I should point out that Christine's own blog (see first link) also has a few important pieces of news, too (generally, Scotland/Ireland/Wales) - several of which escaped the attention of this blog.  So thanks, Christine!


Forthcoming TV & Radio can be found here.


Birth of...

Florence Nightingale, in Florence, Italy, in 1820.

1926:  The General Strike ends;
1937:  Coronation of George VI.

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