Monday 2 May 2011

Major Scottish Conference


News of a major conference in Aberdeen in July has appeared on the ScottishGENES blog, here.  Blogger Chris Paton rightly acknowledges the source of the information in his post, and gives all the info you need to check the event out.  The programme is extremely varied, with some very specialist areas of coverage - the event being the work of the 'Eighteenth Century Scottish Studies Society'.

The Irish Genealogy News blog has given us another update on recent additions to the Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives, here.

Your Family History magazine has issued a 'Web Watch Extra' bulletin.  Though it would appear that most of the information has already been mentioned on this blog, there are some overseas bits and pieces which may interest many of you.

Two book fairs are coming up soon: Market Harborough on Saturday 7th May, and London on Sunday 8th May.


The Anglo-Celtic Connections blog has pointed out a brilliant website for those with any sort of interest in London, namely, .  Hours of fun!


And finally, The Nosey Genealogist has a nibble at that most difficult of topics: Tracing Ancestors With a Common Surname.

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