Saturday 31 August 2013

Genealogy News - 31st August

FindMyPast Ireland has made a further 2.5 million court records available to search online in its Irish Petty Sessions Court Registers 1828-1912 record set, which exposes the petty crimes Ireland’s residents committed and how they were punished. This collection is also accessible on all FindMyPast international sites through a World subscription.

Looking for a soldier's will? Try this. Or perhaps you can look forward to this. More useful comment from Audrey Collins.

The latest Lost Cousins Newsletter is up for grabs.

Recent additions to Ancestry's datasets can be found here (Eton College stuff, Railway records and various Nonconformist material - the latter is completely new to Ancestry, but has previously appeared elsewhere).

There's more info on the latest WDYTYA? programme here.

As usual, blogger Claire Santry is well on top of Irish news, with pieces on the Irish GRO Research Room, Cork news, Clare news and a Donegal guide-book.

Chris Paton brings us news re. Clackmannanshire records. Chris also sums up recent shenanigans at Brightsolid.

A little update from the British Newspaper Archive.

You may like this suggestion from FamilySearch.

An interesting little post on TNA's blog about records of those not fit to serve in WWI.

A couple of handy mentions by blogger Christine Woodcock: Cromarty website and Highlands records.

Don't think I've mentioned this yet: a new criminal records release from TheGenealogist.

If you think you may be interested in the RootsTech get-together in the US next February, then see here. As you can see, 'early bird registration' is now open.

Here's a round-up of worldwide genealogy news from GenealogyInTime.

MyHeritage are offering free access to US Census records until 2nd September.

Latest from the folk at BBC HistoryExtra:

Forthcoming events:

More news items can be found on the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

And remember to get along to this if you can...

Thanks to @findmypast on Twitter...

Saturday 24 August 2013

Genealogy News - 24th August

With my hernia operation behind me (thanks to all the well-wishers) and all the rigmarole surrounding my Cuthbert Ottaway project over, too (see here and here), it's time to get back to all things genealogical. Not that there's a great deal to report on this week, though...

First of all, here's the latest Lost Cousins Newsletter.

I see that millions of school records are to be digitised.

Something for Sussex researchers.

A new criminal records release from TheGenealogist.

And as for TheGenealogist, you may wish to try a free trial.

Latest issue of 'Irish Roots' magazine.

Don't forget that you can get free access to the 1911 Census of England and Wales at Ancestry - and by clicking back to their main homepage you should see that they also have an offer (until 26th) for free access to all UK Census records 1841-1911. Fill yer boots!

Ancestry users may also wish to take in this news. And if you're interested in West Yorkshire or in British WWII PoWs then check out Ancestry's 'updates page'.

Thanks to Beryl Evans at the FFHS for guiding us to the latest news on developments in Manchester.

Thanks to Vicky Rea / FFHS for the following announcement:
The Royal Free Hospital is transferring its archive collections to London Metropolitan Archives. The reading room at the Royal Free Archive Centre will close on 13 September. The collections are due to become available at the LMA in early 2014. During the move, we will continue to answer as many remote enquiries as possible, subject to staff and document availability.

I see that The National Archives' online presence is to be improved - see here. And TNA also has something of interest for railway history enthusiasts.

Here are some handy preservation tips from the National Library of Ireland.

Some important Limerick news.

Usual weekly stuff from the BBC:

Forthcoming events:

Keep up to date with the latest genealogy news at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

The Oldest Person Ever?

Sunday 18 August 2013

Genealogy News - 18th August

Hello again. I'm finally back online after a week or so's break. A few days down in the Thames Valley are now behind me and a minor hernia operation lies ahead next week (unless it's postponed again!). It's all go. You may wonder if I was up to anything special 'down south' - well, I was, actually. Read on (or scroll down) for further information, nosey-parker.

And here's what's been happening in the genealogy world since I last blogged...

FindMyPast have released more newspaper records.

Recent additions to the Ancestry database can be found here.

Haven't had a chance to digest this yet, but here's the latest Lost Cousins Newsletter.

Latest newsletter from ScotlandsPeople.

Parish Chest produced another little update a few days ago - see here.

August e-news from S&N Genealogy Supplies.

And here's the August e-bulletin from TNA.

Latest issue of Your Family Tree magazine.

If you've been watching the UK version of WDYTYA?, then you will find programme background info here.

Here's the August issue of Irish Lives Remembered. As for other Irish news, I'm gonna be lazy and pass you over to the Irish Genealogy News blog - Claire Santry has been out of action herself of late, but her blog is always the best place to go for news from over the Irish Sea, and she gives a nice summary of stuff from the past week or so in one of her posts. Click here and scroll down a bit.

Chris Paton's BritishGENES blog is also, of course, an excellent source of genealogy news. Not wanting to pinch any of his stories, I would encourage you to have a quick scroll through his recent posts to see if anything has popped up whilst I've been distracted by my holiday.

Recent worldwide genealogy news stories can be found here.

Don't think I've mentioned this one yet: Welsh newspapers release.

More info on military cemeteries from DeceasedOnline.

Catch up on recent TNA Podcasts.

There's a new family/local/social history magazine on the horizon - see here. Ah, but the full story behind the new effort can be discovered here!

Thanks to @findmypast on Twitter for this interesting look at previous generations.

A new photographic initiative from MyHeritage.

Here's a history crossword.

The September issue of 'History Today' is now available.

Two instalments of history links from the Two Nerdy History Girls can be found here and here.

Do the experiences of your ancestors affect your genetic make-up? Possibly, say the experts.

Latest from the BBC:

Forthcoming events:

Keep in touch with other bits and bobs at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

In case you were wondering, this is one of the things I was up to last week. More info about the subject matter can be found here (though I've yet to update the website with last week's developments).

An unusual record entry...

Saturday 3 August 2013

Genealogy News - 3rd August

*** Due to family commitments there will be no post next weekend. It is anticipated that the next instalment from the BI-Gen blog will be the weekend of 17th/18th August. In the meantime, I shall try to keep tweeting at the BI-Gen Twitter feed ***

FindMyPast Ireland have released the country's National Roll of Honour 1914-21.

Another Lost Cousins newsletter is now available.

Latest CWGC newsletter.

And here's the most recent IHGS newsletter.

More info on the latest episode of WDYTYA? (including a link to the programme).

17th century London ancestors?

Don't forget that Ancestry are offering free access to the 1911 Census of England & Wales. You've got until 14th October to take advantage, but you will have to register with the website (free).

News from The National Archives:

FindMyPast have released some new Worcestershire records.

The Catholic FHS blog has been busy, with recent posts on...
Latest news from the Scottish Genealogy Network.

Thanks to blogger John D Reid for spotting this Irish records resource.

Here's the most recent Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives update.

And more Irish stuff: Offaly History Newsletter.

Latest e-bulletin from Essex Record Office.

And here's the most recent newsletter from the Community Archive & Heritage Group.

GenealogyInTime has a couple of useful articles:

Welsh researchers may wish to take in the National Eisteddfod 2013 - two of several posts available can be found here and here.

Autumn events, etc., at The British Library.

Newspaper digitisation news.

Interested in Scottish maps?

Latest Newsflash from the GOONS.

Thanks to @GuildOneName on Twitter for pointing out a lengthy article on 'Surnames of Occupation'.

The usual weekend stuff from the BBC:

Forthcoming events of which I am aware for the next TWO weeks (not actually very many!):

And, as I said earlier, despite the fact that there will be no posts on this blog for a fortnight, I will try to keep you up-to-date as best I can with the latest news via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

A genealogist's nightmare...

Derek: Secret Sperm Donor

And an uplifting story...

Lifetime of Love