Monday 31 December 2012

The End of Another One...

And so another year passes into history. A big 'Happy New Year' to both the readers of this blog and the followers of my Twitter account - hope you stick by me during 2013!

As hinted at in my previous post, it's now time for an appeal for help/support. It's a very simple request, namely, that you may wish to consider sending a small donation my way! This can be done via the DONATE button in the column to your right (just below the Quiz Book image). My income from the BI-Gen Blog is pretty much nil, and it does take a fair amount of time and effort to maintain; so if you've found my ramblings useful these past couple of years then do consider sending something my way. Note that you do not have to have a PayPal account to use the button - just click and follow the instructions. And any donations sent my way will be split 50/50 between myself and my e-Books4Charity fund-raising venture. Alternatively, of course, you could simply purchase something from the said website.

Talking of publications, you may be interested to know that my book, In the News: the 1970s, is now available in 'hard copy' format. To learn more about the publication - and to find out how to get hold of a copy (Kindle edition, PDF or 'hard copy') - then check out my brand new website, 1970sBritain.

The '1970sBritain' website is far from complete, but I thought I'd get it up there and develop it slowly over the coming weeks and months. Hope you enjoy it. If you spot any errors or glitches please let me know! And do get in touch with any comments regarding the same.

Enjoy your evening!

Saturday 29 December 2012

Genealogy News - 29th December

Before you start on today's news update, please remember to check out my short post on 27th about special offers that are currently up for grabs. And in fact there are yet more FindMyPast free credits to be claimed here with the use of code FMPTV2. That's 230 free credits I've collected these past few days - and you can do the same, too. Oh, and blogger John D Reid has flagged another offer from FMP.

Family Tree Magazine have released their latest issue - and the relevant announcement includes a tie-in to yet another FMP offer. More about the offer, specifically, here.

Here's another special offer - this time from FamilyRelatives.

It's that time of year again. Latest file releases from TNA... and a related Podcast. And here's the Northern Ireland equivalent.

The latest issue of Your Family History magazine is out.

DeceasedOnline have released lots and lots of new records for Fife.

A small piece of news for Dublin researchers.

And Irish researchers may be interested in the Eneclann sale.

English, Welsh and Irish researchers should take a quick look at the latest news from FamilySearch.

Some recent offerings from the Beeb:

And I think it's about time we caught up with 'forthcoming events':

As usual, I will try to keep up with the latest news, etc., at my BI-Gen Twitter feed. My next major news update here on the blog will most likely be next Saturday.

However, do look out for a special one-off blog post on Monday 31st - a bit of an appeal for help/support. It'd be great if you could respond in the positive, so do call in in a couple of days time if you can.

Ladies take note...

Thursday 27 December 2012

Genealogy News - 27th December

I know I said I wouldn't be back until the weekend, but I thought I'd pop by to flag a few bits and bobs - especially the special offers that are up for grabs.

Firstly, a reminder about 'Start Your Family Tree Week' during 26th Dec - 1st Jan. See here and here for all you need to know (and don't forget to claim those 50 free credits for FMP by 2nd January!). FindMyPast Ireland's version of the venture also features a competition.

There's also more free credits for FMP to be had via the Xmas Lost Cousins newsletter (+ other offers). And yet more credits elsewhere, in fact - see this post on the 'A Rebel Hand' blog (scroll down to 'stop press'). Yes, all the offers seem to work - I've got myself 190 free credits to use at FMP by the end of March! have opened up free access to a good few records until 29th December. Mostly US stuff, but there are a few important items of interest to those of us on this side of the Pond. Click here, then click on 'See What's Free' at the right-hand side.

Don't forget this offer from CW & S Parkinson Genealogical Storage.

There are a few other offers around, but they can wait till the weekend's post (probably Saturday, maybe Sunday!).

And we'll end this short post with some free articles from History Today magazine.

Saturday 22 December 2012

Genealogy News - 22nd December

Last post before Christmas Day. Next post will be next weekend. So, erm, Happy Christmas!

Episode 13 of 'The Family History Show' is now available for viewing (inc. a visit to the Surrey History Centre).

The latest issue of the Lost Cousins Newsletter is now out.

Big news from GenesReunited, with the release of the Scottish Census (transcripts) 1841-1901 - see here.

Another important item of news involving GenesReunited - and FindMyPast - is the forthcoming 'Start Your Family Tree Week' during 26th Dec - 1st Jan. See here and here for further info.

Essex researchers will be required to check out this piece of important news from their record office.

More Bolton news from the folk at DeceasedOnline.

S&N Genealogy have turned out a Yearly Round-up Newsletter.

Have I mentioned this before? Can't remember. Anyway, here's the latest bulletin from ScotlandsPeople.

More Scottish stuff: the latest online mag from the Scottish Council on Archives.

TheGenealogist's 'latest news' section is worth a quick look (releases for several areas of the UK). have released a very handy finding aid for those pesky pre-1858 wills/probate records.

West Yorkshire researchers should read this. The relevant link to Ancestry can be accessed via here (where there are a couple of other new items from elsewhere in the UK).

Users of TNA's Discovery catalogue may be interested in this blog post.

Here's the latest newsletter from 'Ireland Reaching Out'.

Important genea news for Northern Irish folk.

And there's more news from Northern Ireland here.

A summary of recent worldwide genealogy news can be found here.

FindMyPast's blog features an item on the ancestry of Tess Daly.

Could this be the very first Christmas family recording?

Why did Oliver Cromwell cancel Christmas? Check out the free article from 'Your Family Tree' magazine. And, even better, here's a completely free issue of the magazine for you (if you've got the right equipment).

If you're interested in the Scottish Diaspora and/or tapestries, then check this out.

If you fancy helping out our libraries up here in the North-East of England, then sign this petition.

And here's the usual weekly helping from the BBC:

I shall be highlighting the odd item at the BI-Gen Twitter feed over the next few days.

From the Quack Doctor...

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Genealogy News - 18th December

A fair bit of reading to catch up on...

S&N Genealogy's latest E-Mail News (always worth a read) contains plenty of new record releases.

The December newsletter from the National Library of Ireland can be found here.

The latest newsletter from the English Diaspora Project can be accessed here.

Yet another new e-bulletin is that produced by Eneclann.

And you can catch up with worldwide genealogy news here.

As for other news...

There's been a little bit of a hiccup in that pending sale (thanks to @YourFamTreemag on Twitter).

Yet more Bolton cemetery records news can be found here. And there's stuff for Scotland to be found at the same website - see relevant blog post.

Two new podcasts have popped up on the TNA website, here and here.

Here's a neat summary of Festive opening hours at the UK's major repositories.

Some Irish news from Claire Santry:

More news about the situation with the Scottish Catholic Archives.

Many of you will have heard the news about the Duchess of Cambridge's newly-discovered links to the nobility. Having given the story a quick look, it seems to me that the link is somewhat tenuous, and perhaps no stronger than any connections the rest of us might make if we looked hard enough.

The anniversary of the death of Prince Albert passed a few days ago - commemorated by a nice piece on the BNA blog.

Here's a batch of interesting history links from the Two Nerdy History Girls.

A neat little summary of the Scottish 2011 Census (thanks to @ScotlandsPeople on Twitter).

The FFHS are still encouraging folk to submit entries for their 2012 competition (you'll have to be quick!).

Don't forget this special offer from CW & S Parkinson Genealogical Storage.

Forthcoming events (not much, I'm afraid - at least that I know of)...

Please note:
Over the Festive period I shall probably issue posts less frequently due to the lack of news at this time of year. Next bulletin is likely to be Saturday 22nd December (or maybe Sunday). I will, however, keep the BI-Gen Twitter feed ticking over on an (almost) daily basis.

Friday 14 December 2012

Genealogy News - 14th December

This in an interesting piece: the latest on the forthcoming 'Newspaper Storage Building' at Boston Spa.

If you're interested in the Scottish mapping industry then check out this post.

Lots of advice for Scottish researchers can be found at Ruth Blair's blog.

A few Cheshire and Northumberland records appear on the latest FamilySearch update.

Remember that recent Irish records release, the Kilmainham Pension Records? Well, here's a bit more info about 'em.

Co.Tyrone researchers may wish to check this out.

And West Yorkshire researchers should take heed of this (thanks to @WYorkshireLives on Twitter).

Interested in workhouses? Try this neat little online museum.

The Society of Genealogists is pushing its forthcoming 'Family History Skills Courses' which begin next month.

A little bit more info about TNA's newly-revamped museum has appeared here.

Nice story about 90-year-old twins.

There are a few competitions to have a stab at here.

Here's a history crossword for you to ponder.

And, of course, there's the usual from the BBC:

More news, etc., can be found at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Genealogy News - 11th December

Oh dear, there's very little in the way of genealogy news around at the minute. It seems that everyone (apart from me, that is) is revving up for Christmas. Never mind - let's see what we've got...

Many of you will be aware of the fact that well-known English genealogist, Dr Nick Barratt, is set to return to The National Archives - and is likely to let go of many of his family history interests and connections. A neat summary of proceedings can be found here.

Here's the latest E-Zine from the FFHS.

The release by FindMyPast of the records of Kilmainham Hospital, Dublin, has been supplemented by this little article about the institution in question.

The latest TNA Podcast is now available.

Blogger John D Reid reminds us of what's on offer from Pharos as regards online tuition.

Important news for Armagh researchers.

Ayrshire researchers will be delighted with the availability of this little lot on the DeceasedOnline website.

Curious about the stats behind the 2011 Census? Then take a look at this post from Chris Paton.

The Two Nerdy History Girls can always be relied upon to bring us an entertaining collection of history links.

Events are somewhat thin on the ground...

And there's always the BI-Gen Twitter feed for the latest news (though, again, news items have been hard to come by of late).

From the 'Bizarre History Blog'...

Friday 7 December 2012

Genealogy News - 7th December

The Christmas lull is starting to creep in, I fear, as the genealogy news begins to fall away. Never mind, we still have the following to keep us busy...

FindMyPast have released new British Army Service and Pension records (inc. some Irish stuff - be careful to scroll down the article).

The National Archives' on-site museum has now reopened.

DeceasedOnline continue to add to their 'Bolton Collection'.

Thanks to the FFHS for circulating news of another WWI digitisation project.

PRONI users will want to catch up on this report by Chris Paton.

Here's a great blog post for those of us wanting to learn a little about old handwriting.

Now available: the latest issue of Your Family Tree Magazine.

Seems like it's time for another issue of the free, online 'Irish Lives Remembered' Magazine.

More Irish news from Claire Santry:

Here's a forthcoming TV programme which may be of interest to genealogists.

Why not take a vote on the recent series of WDYTYA?

From the BBC's HistoryExtra website:

And don't forget BI-Gen's Twitter feed.

Fun at the library...

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Genealogy News - 4th December

The latest newsletter from S&N Genealogy can be found here. Quite a few items of interest, including news of new Death Transcripts, military records and a downloadable guide/catalogue.

The latest TNA Podcast is now available.

A round-up of recent worldwide genealogy news can be found at the GenealogyInTime website.

The latest Eneclann newsletter is now available. And more Irish news can be found in the latest Ireland XO newsletter.

PRONI have issued the following 'Notice to Customers':
To facilitate the media preview of the Annual Release of files from 1982, PRONI's document production service in the Reading Room will be unavailable for the period 10-14 December.  Other services in the Public Search Room, self-service microfilm, exhibition, etc., remain open to visitors.
PRONI will not be running a late night service on Thursday 20th and 27th December. On these nights PRONI will close at 4:45pm.

The latest set of history links is available from the Two Nerdy History Girls. And I always find something of historical interest at this website's regular round-up of links.

Catholic researchers take note of this.

Hebridean researchers take note of this - see also here.

And it's probably about time I issued a reminder about the handy little historical resource that is Electric Scotland.

More Scottish reading here. Oh, and I can't remember if I've told you about the latest magazine from the National Library of Scotland (not sure how long this has been out for).

You may or may not have heard of the ParishMouse website. A good way to guide you in is via the 'What's New' page.

Here's an independent review of a new book entitled Welsh Genealogy.

More Irish stuff from Claire Santry:

Forthcoming events (not much, sorry) ...

Don't forget that you can get many more news items, stories, etc., via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Friday 30 November 2012

Genealogy News - 30th November

The big news this week is the buy-out of by MyHeritage - get it from the horse's mouth here. There's also some equally big news about additional funding for MyHeritage. And MyHeritage's CEO gives his views on developments here.

FindMyPast have released new records pertaining to Doncaster.

And FindMyPast Ireland have added another massive wave of entries to their Petty Sessions records for 1850-1910. See the announcement here, then follow the link for more info (including the identity of the 'new' records). Oh, and here's something else which has just popped up for Irish researchers.

Episode 12 of 'The Family History Show' is now available - including a visit to Essex Record Office.

The British Newspaper Archive celebrates its first birthday by hitting the 6 million page mark. BTW, recently added titles can be found here.

There's yet another (slightly early) release of Peter Calver's Lost Cousins Newsletter. As ever, there are some excellent links and pointers contained therein ... which I'm not going to tell you about so that you are forced to follow the link!

DeceasedOnline have added to their record collection for Bolton. There's a related blog post here.

The National Archives' slow shift from the 30-year to the 20-year rule as regards the release of public records is covered simply and effectively here (note the link at the foot of the piece).

The Christmas issue of WDYTYA? Magazine is now available.

And here's the latest update from Parish Chest.

If you're a regular visitor to PRONI then you may be interested in their end-of-year Digest.

Here are a few Christmas offers from BooksIreland.

Those of you interested in the history of London/Essex may wish to have a look at this important new online resource.

Here's an interesting post on the history of the famous Bronte family.

And, OK, so it seems to be a piece of purely US news, but here's a big development as regards Ancestry and newspaper records.

The usual Friday stuff from the BBC's HistoryExtra website...

Keep in touch with the latest news, etc., by checking out the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

One final thing. This hardly ever happens, so it deserves a mention. A big thank you to a certain reader of mine (who shall remain nameless - you know who you are!) who sent a no-strings-attached donation my way a few days ago. If anyone out there feels that the BI-Gen Blog has been a help to them these past couple of years then please consider sending something my way via the DONATE button in the right-hand column. Thank you!

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Genealogy News - 27th November

We'll begin with The National Archives, which has the following on offer:

Check on how construction is going for the new East Sussex Archive.

The latest ScotlandsPeople Newsletter.

Here's an interesting post from the FamilySearch blog. This could turn out to be a very big deal indeed.

Ruth Blair gives us a month's worth of advice on 'Church Records' - bit of a Canadian bias, but still pretty useful.

Here's some more info on that recent DeceasedOnline Scottish memorials record release.

A couple of Irish items from blogger Claire Santry:

Here's your weekly round-up of history links from the Two Nerdy History Girls.

Forthcoming events are somewhat thin on the ground at this time of year...

And there's always the BI-Gen Twitter feed for the latest news.

Friday 23 November 2012

Genealogy News - 23rd November have made some additions to two of their London datasets - and access to these record collections is free until Saturday (you need to register on the site first, though). You will note there's a handy 'Focus on London' feature available, too.

Check out the latest additions to DeceasedOnline - this time covering Scotland.

The Welsh genealogy TV series, Coming Home, begins its seventh series tonight (23rd) on BBC 1 Wales - see here. Note that the episodes will be viewable elsewhere in the UK afterwards via the BBC iPlayer.

FindMyPast takes a look at the family tree of TV star Miranda Hart.

Those interested in colonial matters may wish to cast their eyes over this news item from TNA.

A couple of items from the Irish Genealogy News blog:

Blogger Alan Stewart draws our attention to a new military records release at the Family Relatives website. The website itself can be found here.

Birmingham researchers will no doubt be aware of their archives' closure for nigh on a year (well, a good nine months).

I see there's been a substantial update to Ancestry's 'Masters & Mates Certificates' collection, 1850-1927 - see their 'updates page'.

Irish researchers may wish to check out the National Library of Ireland's 20x20 talk notes which have recently gone online. Though they are of limited value to those of us who were not present at the original talks, there is still something to be learned from them.

The 'Abroad in the Yard' blog has an interesting piece on the Mormons genealogical activities.

Blogger John D Reid has highlighted a couple of useful West Midlands resources.

Here's an interesting freebie: 'A Primer in Irish Genealogy' (thanks to @ARebelHand on Twitter).

I seem to remember mentioning this many moons ago, but it's always worth reminding you all of an excellent pointer or two - this time from Christine Woodcock on the subject of children's hospital records (London & Glasgow).

Here's Friday's stuff from the Beeb:

Don't forget to keep in touch over the weekend via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Oh, and another little plug for my Lulu Storefront. I mention it because Lulu are currently offering 30% off all orders (until 27th) - see their homepage.

100 Years Ago Today...

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Genealogy News - 20th November

The latest - and quite excellent - Lost Cousins Newsletter is now available. Lots of information and items to digest and ponder upon, so do give it a look.

There's more news from DeceasedOnline re. the second batch of Bolton cemetery records (Heaton) to be added to their database. There is a related blog post here.

Audrey Collins has posted a useful article on TNA's blog entitled 'Missing From the Census?'.

The TNA blog has also kicked up this thought-provoking piece from Emily Rumble: 'The Importance of Community Archiving'.

The latest worldwide round-up of genealogy news from GenealogyInTime can be found here.

The latest bulletin from FamilySearch contains reference to records pertaining to Ireland and Kent.

Blogger Alan Stewart brings us a little Armagh news.

There's more Irish news from Claire Santry - Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives developments and the 2nd series of 'The Genealogy Roadshow'.

Ruth Blair and Chris Paton have been blogging about recent shenanigans re. the Scotsman Digital Archive - both points of view can be accessed via the latter's post, here.

Here's the latest TNA Podcast (WWI).

And here's more WWI stuff: the extraordinary story of the 12-year-old soldier.

The weekly round-up of history links from the Two Nerdy History Girls can be found here.

Latest BBC HistoryExtra podcast.

And finally, here's your list of forthcoming events:

More news items can be found at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

WWI Recruitment...

Friday 16 November 2012

Genealogy News - 16th November

No truly major genealogical news to report on from the last few days, but there are still a fair few bits and bobs to pass on...

An interesting new development for Cambridgeshire researchers - CAMDEX (summary here, website here).

Suffolk Record Office (Ipswich) has made an important announcement re. a pending closure (scroll down the homepage a bit for the details). Indeed, notices continue to come in almost every day at this time of the year about 'stocktaking closures' around the country, so please remember to check with your archive of interest before travelling.

Researchers from Dorset, London and the Midlands may wish to check out the latest additions to the Ancestry website. Related comment from blogger John D Reid can be found here.

As usual, blogger of all things Irish, Claire Santry, has posted plenty of highly useful news items this week - the highlights being:

A handy boost for the heritage sector from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The FFHS have put out an appeal for more submissions for their 2012 competition - full instructions here.

Can I draw your attention to a special offer from CW & S Parkinson Genealogical Storage. Thanks to Colin for making this offer available to BI-Gen readers.

Here's a fantastic 'Band of Brothers' story (thanks to @F_W_Records on Twitter).

And here's a nice family history story spanning 500 generations from the 'Abroad in the Yard' blog.

A short piece on Scottish tartans.

I see that every episode from Series 1 & 2 of the 'Find My Past TV Show' is available to viewers worldwide.

Fancy a history crossword?

Here's Friday's helping from the BBC:

More news, etc., can be found at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to me! Why not celebrate by buying my book below...

Read my book about the 1970s on your Kindle or on your 'Kindle for PC' app... 
(it even has a review, now!)

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Genealogy News - 13th November

There isn't an awful lot to report on at the minute, but here goes...

Ireland does OK news-wise today, though. Nothing earth-shattering, but check this lot out:

Back in the UK, if you're involved in 'community heritage' in some shape or form, then you may wish to partake in the 'Community Archive & Heritage Awards'.

Here's your weekly dose of history links from the Two Nerdy History Girls.

Some important information regarding the Hawick Heritage Hub.

This is a pretty neat website/blog looking at the subject of 'North Churches' (North-East England). Thanks to @CharlotteFrost1 on Twitter for pointing this one out.

The latest TNA podcast looks at the issue of the 'Archives Sector: the Leadership Challenge'. TNA have also asked their online users to complete a survey.

And that's about it - apart from, that is, the usual Tuesday listing of forthcoming events:

And keep in touch with the latest news via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

From the 'Wonders & Marvels' blog...

Friday 9 November 2012

Genealogy News - 9th November

President Obama's victory has spurred into offering 20% off all subscriptions - see their homepage for the relevant link (runs until midnight GMT on 11th). They've also published a lengthy article on the president's Irish connections.

Great news for Bolton researchers from DeceasedOnline. There's also a (sort of) related blog post here.

GenesReunited has added a good few new military records to its website - there's a neat summary here. There have been a few other changes to the GenesReunited website, too.

The fact that Remembrance Day falls on a Sunday this year seems to have prompted a bit extra in the way of interest in all things military. In addition to the above, the folk at Ancestry have published a few pointers in this regard - to say nothing of their free access offer during 9th-12th! I would encourage you all to also have a peek at Ancestry's 'updates page' which features plenty of similar (and other) material (Liverpool researchers take note).

Here's an important announcement from FindMyPast regarding a vast array of British newspapers which are now available at their website. Wow!

Claire Santry's 'Irish Genealogy News' blog has been really busy this week. You don't need me to tell you that you really should be following her blog if you've Irish interests - a couple of highlights of late have been the new National Archives of Ireland website/portal and a special WWI Day in Dublin tomorrow (10th).

Another absolute essential 'follow' is Chris Paton's 'British GENES' blog - but I'm sure you're aware of this one, too. Recent posts of particular note are WWI Pension Cards Saved, Genealogy Roadshow Seeks Participants, and Waterford World Wars Newspaper Archive Project.

In case you hadn't spotted the news, the tickets for February's WDYTYA? Live Fair are now on sale. There are plenty of special offers around, too - including Family Tree Magazine's 2 for £25 deal.

TNA have released a little item about the updated version of their Discovery catalogue - and there's a related blog post here. Whilst I'm with TNA's blog I might as well point you in the direction of interesting posts on the conservation of the military tribunal records and the first of a series of posts on WWI research.

Some important breaking news regarding the Birmingham Archives & Heritage service.

The latest announcement from FamilySearch includes material pertaining to the 1871 Census for England & Wales and Northumberland.

Have just spotted this Irish Book Festival which is taking place next week (thanks to @NLIreland on Twitter).

Nothing to do with genealogy, but check out this amazing fact about the British and their foreign adventures.

Nice piece about Scotland's redheads (thanks to @scotsdiaspora on Twitter).

Here's your usual collection of Friday bits and bobs from the BBC's HistoryExtra website:

And there's an interesting little Podcast from the folk at HistoryToday.

More news, etc., is available via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Not all he's cracked up to be...

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Genealogy News - 6th November

It's time once again for another edition of the marvellous Lost Cousins Newsletter. Plenty of family history stuff in there for everybody, so don't miss it!

Here's the November issue of the National Library of Ireland Newsletter.

The latest issue of 'Irish Lives Remembered' (free) can be viewed here.

Here are some interesting snippets about future 'censuses'.

The latest GenealogyInTime update leads with a few items of interest to British & Irish researchers.

There's some additional info about recent developments at DeceasedOnline re. Aberdeen cemetery records. Related blog post here.

A glut of useful posts from John D Reid's 'Anglo-Celtic Connections' blog:

Chris Paton's blog has, as ever, featured plenty of useful items these past few days. Among them...

Find out about the recently-released December issue of Family Tree Magazine.

Some stats about the Irish in Britain.

Britain's oldest man hits 110.

WWI wills of 9,000 Irish soldiers are to go online. There's also mention of this plus another important Irish record release at Claire Santry's blog.

More from Claire's blog:

If you have a Scottish-Jewish link, then check this out.

Forthcoming events:

More news, etc., available via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.


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