Monday 16 May 2011

Events on the Horizon


Gosh, there's been a dearth of family history news over the past few days - or at least it seems to have escaped my attention, anyway!  I shall try to keep things ticking over as best I can, though.

Another 'events' listing is due, I think - so here we go:-
  • Saturday 21st May - Romany & Traveller FHS Society Day and Open Day, Paulerspury, Northants - see here;
  • Saturday 21st May - Dumfries Book Fair - see here;
  • Saturday 21st May - Lincoln Book Fair - see here;
  • Sunday 22nd May - Kent Family History Fair, Maidstone - see here;
  • Sunday 22nd May - Dorchester Book Fair - see here.

Though I seem to remember bringing you this news last month, the GOONS has once again publicised the special arrangement it has with TheGenealogist website.  Discounted memberships of the latter for members of the former can be obtained by first reading the Press release, here.


The only other dregs I can scrape up for you today are a short survey for transcribers and indexers, here; and a little Postcard Poser for you via Ancestry, here.

Oh, dear, we are getting a bit desperate.  I could do with some help from my readers.  Any news anyone?


1929:  First Academy Awards ceremony (the Oscars) held in Hollywood;
1975:  First woman reaches the peak of Mt Everest - Junko Tabei of Japan.  She once said: "I can't understand why men make all this fuss about Everest - it's only a mountain."

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