Friday 6 May 2011

A Bit More of the Irish


The Internet is still awash with the news of the launch of - and why not?  Everyone who's interested is thrilled, it seems.  Even those who have no direct genealogical interest in the country may still be interested in this graphic of the 'Impact of the Irish' - as well as this article on the Irish ancestry of the US President.  Whilst we're at it, there is also this general piece on 'How to Trace Your Roots in Ireland'.

The BBC's weekly collection of 'History Headlines' can be found here.  Look out for the item on the death of the oldest surviving combatant of WWI.


Parish Chest have issued their latest news update, here.  The usual banter, including, of course, a raft of new products from their 'partners'.

A week's historical holidaying in York is currently on offer from The Historical Association - see here.

There's a Family & Local History Fair at Padworth, Berkshire, on Sunday 15th May.  Have a look at the organiser's website, here, where you will also be able to apply for a 'half price entry' voucher.


More TV & Radio for the coming week.


1954:  Roger Bannister runs the first sub 4-minute mile;
1994:  Channel Tunnel officially opens.

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