Tuesday 24 May 2011

Ancestry 1911 Announcement


It's only for paid-up members, I'm afraid, but Ancestry have started placing scanned images of the 1911 Census of the UK online (well, England, Wales, Channel Islands & Isle of Man, anyway).  Click here to read all about it, and to see what their plans are for the future.

A couple of June issues are out today, thus:-

ReadIreland has released more Irish book reviews. Click here, then choose 'Read Ireland Book News'.

A new book entitled A Glossary for the Historian of Jersey is now available - see here. I'm not sure that it's directly order-able online - but have a look here as a starter.

And here are a couple of events for you this weekend - both in Ireland (no, can't find anything major elsewhere):-
  • Sunday 29th May - Dublin City Book Fair - see here;
  • Sunday 29th May - Genealogy Roadshow at Carton House, Co.Kildare - see here and here (page 2).
Please remember that the planned fairs at The Barbican, London, and Taunton (both 29th) have long been cancelled (actually, the latter has been re-scheduled for 13th November).


A couple of articles by the same writer have popped up in the wake of President Obama's much publicised trip to Ireland:-

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