Monday 23 May 2011

Neat New Websites


A couple of new websites have been brought to our attention by the Scottish GENES blog which, firstly, thoroughly recommends the BBC's Ulster-Scots effort which was launched a few days ago.  Read the blog post here, and the direct link is here.  The very same blog also suggests that the Medals Reunited Project is worth a look, too - see here.  Thanks Chris!


A website that is hardly new, and which many of you will be familiar with, is FamilyRelatives.  Well, as blogger John Gasson points out, they are celebrating their fifth anniversary with a special subscription offer, which lasts until the end of May.  Check John's post out, here, where you will find the relevant information.  Good spot, John.


John Reid, of the Anglo-Celtic Connections blog, tells us of an article on DNA which took his fancy - see his post here...


... and he also brings us the result of the little survey he posed us last week, here.

One last thing.  MyHeritage have posted a little video effort, here, which caught my eye. Quite apart from the content, it seems like a really neat idea to put something together like that using photos of the places where your ancestors lived.  Food for thought.


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