About BI-Gen

British & Irish Genealogy (BI-Gen) has several strands, none of which seem to be adequately covered elsewhere on the Web, these being:-

  • NEWS - major news stories from the world of family history across Britain & Ireland, coupled with links to the main information streams.  Local history will also feature prominently.
  • DIRECTORY of SERVICES - listings of organisations and individuals who provide a commercial service of some kind to our hobby.
  • FUN - entertaining stories and snippets from the world of family history.  Please, please, please help me with submissions in this regard - whether it's first hand from the records, or second- or third-hand from your society's journal, please pass it on to me at micksouthwick @ blueyonder.co.uk .  We're looking for anything that entertains: funny, unusual, coincidences, or even tales of extreme tragedy or deep poignancy.  And anything from several hundred words to a little one-liner, I want to know about it!
  • STUFF for SALE - advertise your second-hand goods, publicise your 'wants' and buy/sell new goods, too, of course, if that's your line of business.

The NEWS and FUN elements will be published as part of the website's day-to-day blog - sometimes you will get an important piece of the former, sometimes a little bit of the latter, depending on what's happening in the genealogical world at the time.  NEWS can mean all sorts of things, but will be of a generally 'major' nature (i.e. nothing too 'parochial' which would be of limited interest) - including major releases by commercial companies if I feel that they're worth mentioning.

The STUFF for SALE / WANTS sections are self-explanatory.  OK, so these may take a bit of getting off the ground (the site was launched in January 2011), but it should take shape in due course.  In fact, why don't you help it on its way!  See the relevant sections above for more information.

The DIRECTORY of SERVICES will be on permanent display via the links in the website's title bar.  They contain individuals and organisations who provide goods and commercial services to the family history world. 

To have your business listed in the DIRECTORY costs £5 per annum. To pay your Directory fee please use the DONATE button in the right-hand column and send me an email letting me know of your requirements (that is, which categories you’d like to be listed under). You can also send a cheque payable to M.Southwick to 20 California, Blaydon-on-Tyne, NE21 6LY. You can have your business/name listed under as many categories as you wish for your £5 fee. I will send you a reminder when your year’s ‘subscription’ is due to expire.

In the meantime, if you would like to lift your business above the alphabetical listing of a particular category then you can do so by 'buying your way to the top', as it were.  Contact me at micksouthwick @ blueyonder.co.uk to open negotiations!  Basically, those who are willing to pay more will be listed first in each category.

Please remember to mention BI-Gen when contacting any of the services in the 'Directory'. Because only then will they know where their custom has come from.  Thanks!
Please note that inclusion in the Directory, or indeed anywhere on this website, does not constitute endorsement or recommednation of individuals or companies by BI-Gen.  BI-Gen cannot be held legally responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the actions or inaction of any individual or company listed on the website.  I will occasionally comment of the quality of a product or service - but only if I have direct experience of the same.  I will only consider the passing on of positive comments by other readers if I am satisfied that they are properly 'neutral'.  Mick Southwick, BI-Gen.

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