Sunday 1 May 2011

Media Highlights


I've stumbled upon several media feeds - both video and audio - of late, which I thought I'd pass onto you.  I anyone ever comes across anything of a similar ilk, then please let us all know.  It is always a refreshing change to look at a bit of footage or lean back and listen to a radio show, or whatever - and genealogical items of this sort are fairly hard to come by.

MyHeritage often come up with this sort of thing, and they've recently aired a couple of interesting items.  First up is a Royal Weddings special, here.  And there's a little snippet of biologist Richard Dawkins talking about 'Genetic Genealogy', here.  Pity it wasn't a bit longer - but for once at least he's not being controversial!

Having recently began following GeneaBloggers, and all it has to offer, I see that their weekly Friday radio programme focussed on British Genealogy this time - see here.  Many of the previous episodes can be found here, although generally the material tends to have an American leaning.  One of GeneaBloggers' best features is its weekly round-up of new genealogical blogs - here's the latest listing.  I know a lot of you found BI-Gen after reading of the website in last week's update, so thank you GeneaBloggers for the publicity!


Ancestry members will want to take note of the change to the website's Helpline service, with effect from today, 1st May.


1707:  Acts of Union of England and Scotland;
1840:  Penny Black stamp first issued (official use from 6th May);
1851:  Great Exhibition opens.

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