New Products

For use by commercial firms and businesses who are selling NEW products, goods, or services.  For the submission rules and guidelines, scroll down to the bottom of this page.


NOTE:  Listings currently free! (despite what it says below)

Rules & Guidelines

£4 per 50-word block (so 45 words = £4; 80 words = £8; 103 words = £12), but drop me a line first at micksouthwick @ and we'll sort something out.  I mean, if, for instance, you are paying for advertising elsewhere on the site then I will be a bit more lenient when it comes to charging you here.  I'm a nice chap, really.  You can pay via the DONATE button on the right, or by sending a cheque payable to 'M.Southwick' to: 20 California, Winlaton, Blaydon-on-Tyne, NE21 6LY.  If you'd rather be formally invoiced then I can send an email with (or without) a PayPal payment button in the body of the message.

Ads will be listed on a 'rolling' basis, with the most recent submissions at the top.  Entries will remain on the page for a six month period.

And remember, this is just one of three ways you can receive mention on BI-Gen, the other two being:-
  • a free or paid-for mention in the Directory (see the 'About BI-Gen' section for more info);
  • and/or a paid-for dedicated 'blog entry' on the main page (though major 'releases' are often mentioned on the blog by myself anyway as a major 'news item', if I get wind of them).  This involves me dedicating a full main page blog entry to your latest company 'release', using your own words.  Price for this service is £6 per 50-word block (e.g. a 85 word blog entry on the main page = £12).
Contact me at micksouthwick @ if you want further information on any of these methods of publicity.

Please note that I'm no whizz-kid when it comes to fancy stuff like HTML code, so ads will have to be text-based - but they can, of course, have hyperlinks in them to take potential customers to your website.  So keep it concise, please, and nothing too fancy for my low-tech brain. 

Finally, I realise that as the website is young it will take time to build up traffic to the same and, therefore, to your ads.  I hope you will bear this in mind when trying to assess results - and maybe help things along by giving BI-Gen a mention wherever you can.