Saturday 7 May 2011

King James Bible


Religion may not play the dominant role in society that it once did (well, not here in mainland UK, anyway), but there is no disputing its influence in the lives of our forebears.  Perhaps the single most important landmark event in the developing relationship between the Church and the People of the English-speaking world was the publication, 400 years ago this year, of the King James Bible.  It was, without doubt, the most important English translation of the Bible ever issued, and its influence was incredibly far-reaching.  To mark the anniversary, the National Library of Wales is leading the way with a special exhibition on the subject - see their blog entry, here, and their dedicated website page, here.  The exhibition is pretty much essential viewing, I'd say, for those within striking distance of the Library, such was the importance of this text in the lives of our ancestors.

The Anglo-Celtic Connections blog has posted a couple of interesting items.  First up is a piece on British Regimental Histories; then there's a small item about Christian names in the US.

The bookselling arm of the Ulster Historical Foundation, BooksIreland, is offering free shipping during 6th-13th May.


This looks like an interesting site: the Historic Hospital Admission Records Project (HHARP).  All to do with 19th century children's hospital records. (Picked up from Your Family History magazine's Facebook page).


TNA has posted a piece about Looted Art in Europe, and the signing of a new international deal on the subject.  A searchable online catalogue is now available, too.

And there's a light-hearted look at what it's like to be at the front of the phonebook, by the bloggers at MyHeritage.


1928:  Voting age for women in the UK reduced from 30 to 21 (same as men);
1945:  WWII - Germany surrenders.


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