Tuesday 8 March 2011

Yes, Again!


... Irish news, that is.  I shall keep it brief for fear of boring those of you out there with no Irish ancestry - so here goes:-
  • A new raft of material pertaining to Ireland has appeared on Ancestry, namely, well, never mind, it's all listed here;
  • A new Northern Irish emigration resource is reported on the Scottish GENES blog, here;
  • And it has been reported on a number of blogs and websites (including here) that the new Irish government seems keen on pushing through its semi-pledge regarding the early release of the 1926 Irish Census.

Elsewhere, an interesting little piece on Manorial Records has been posted on The Family Recorder blog, here.  I am largely ignorant of this archive source, and was certainly not aware that several English counties, as well as the whole of Wales, can be found on TNA's Manorial Documents Register.

And if you're the lucky owner of an iPad or iPhone and you have your family tree on Ancestry, then you will be pleased to know that a new (free) 'App' is available for download - see here.  Apps for other phones will be forthcoming in due course.


1979:  Philips demonstrates the Compact Disc publicly for the first time.

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