Tuesday 1 March 2011

Fair Fallout... & the Irish


So much for the expected lull I was anticipating after WDYTYA? Live!  There has been a surge of genealogical news in the last 24 hours - so much so, in fact, that it'll probably take me the rest of the week to catch up!  Anyway, here goes...

Chris Paton of Scottish GENES has gone blog-crazy.  By clicking on the link you will see just how busy he has been uploading interviews, photos and the like - marvellous stuff!  I would urge you to go at least as far down his lengthy list of blog entries as that entitled 'WDYTYA - some news!', which outlines a few exciting bits and pieces to come.  Mainly Scottish stuff, but not all.

Some awards were dished out at the fair, too.  There was Your Family History's 'Archive of the Year Award'.  And then there was Family Tree Magazine's 'Websites of the Decade Awards'.

Moving swiftly away from the fair, there has also been a glut of Irish genealogical news lately.  Donegal researchers will want to know about these newly-available civil death records.  Then there is the launch of a new project/website relating to Irish graveyards, here.

When you've finished with the above, you can move onto the latest glut of news from the National Archives of Ireland, then have a browse of the latest book releases relating to Ireland at ReadIreland (and click on 'ReadIreland Book News').

And just in case those of you on mainland Britain are beginning to feel left out, check out the latest edition of Out and About on the BBC History Magazine's website (exhibitions, events, lectures, etc.).  Oh, and the March edition of the magazine itself is also now available - see here.


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