Wednesday 30 March 2011

PRONI Re-opens


The big news today is, without doubt, the re-opening of PRONI - the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.  The spanking new premises at 2 Titanic Boulevard, Titanic Quarter, Belfast, BT3 9HQ, threw open its doors at 9.00am this morning - with the event dominating the Irish blogs, including here and here (where you will find all the juicy detail).

Hampshire researchers will be interested to learn that 1.4million new parish records for the county have gone online at FindMyPast.

And TNA's new gaffer, Oliver Morley, has announced the organisation's business plan for 2011-15.


Some TV & Radio highlights can be found here.


The Nosey Genealogist has posted a short interview with Maureen Selley, Chairman of the Devon FHS, here, in which she briefly tells us of their project to encourage youngsters to get into genealogy.  For more on this interesting idea, see the society's website and click on 'Acorn Club'.


1856:  Treaty of Paris signed, ending the Crimean War;
1981:  Attempted assassination of President Reagan in Washington DC by John Hinckley


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