Thursday 24 March 2011

George's New Box


You may have noticed Chancellor George Osborne flashing off his new 'Budget Box' yesterday (video here).  Well, TNA got into the swing of things, too, with a short article on the item, here.  Like many of you, I suspect, I had no idea the famous old dispatch box was quite so ancient!

On the subject of TNA, Audrey Collins provides a short piece, here, on using TNA's online catalogue.  A useful starter piece if you're planning a visit.

And if you use Ancestry's Family Tree Maker package you will want to have a look at this substantial post on the subject.


Thanks to Chris Paton's recent post, here, a good deal more of us are now aware of the Scottish Council on Archives new newsletter, Broadsheet (direct link here).  One for the connoisseur, I think, but definitely worth keeping an eye on if you're a serious Scottish researcher.

And Irish researchers may wish to have a quick look at this recent update concerning the indexing and computerisation of Irish parish records.


Death of...
Queen Elizabeth I, in 1603, aged 69, at Richmond Palace;
Viscount (Field Marshal) Montgomery, in 1976, aged 88.

1958:  Elvis Presley joins the US Army;
1989:  Exxon Valdez oil disaster.

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