Monday 14 March 2011

Famous Workhouse Saved


The campaign to save an historic London workhouse has been successful!  The Strand Union Workhouse (aka the Cleveland Street Workhouse) seemed destined for demolition until the announcement this lunchtime - see the BBC report here.  Its links with Charles Dickens most probably helped save its skin, but most of the praise must surely go to this lot.

On Thursday 10th March I directed you to Part 1 of a research tips feature/series for Jersey/Channel Islands.  Well, here's Part 2, as promised.  Thanks to The Nosey Genealogist and his guest blogger.  Not sure if there are any more to come, but I'll let you know if anything else pops up.

There's another decent batch of Irish news to bring you, too.  They've been busy at the Irish Genealogy News blog over the past few days trying to keep us all up to date - so if you've got Irish roots then pay the site a visit.  Some of the items have been mentioned by myself over the past week or so, but many haven't.

I was going to keep this news for tomorrow, but I can't help myself from blurting it out.  It's the release of the March edition of the FFHS's Ezine, which has plenty of items of interest for us all.  I haven't really digested it all properly yet, but I did find their 'Really Useful Information Leaflet' quite, er, useful - so look out for that.

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