Wednesday 23 March 2011

Glasgow's Genealogy Centre


Important news from Glasgow, where the city's Genealogy Centre has completed its move to the Mitchell Library.  This will make genealogical research a lot easier for those in and around Glasgow and the west of Scotland - and may save making so many trips to Edinburgh!  Who better to fill in the detail than Scots expert Chris Paton, here.

The folk at TheGenealogist have added loads of new records to their databases pertaining to Worcestershire and Nottinghamshire - see here.

There's been an update to Ancestry's 1841 Census holdings (there's also a little bit of background information on the 1841 census contained within the blog entry).

And here's a forthcoming event which I haven't yet mentioned: the East Anglia Family History Fair, on Sunday 27th March in Norwich (you have to fish around the website to find it, but I'm sure you can manage).


The historical/genealogical week ahead on TV & radio can be found here.

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