Tuesday 22 March 2011



Thanks to this post on the Irish Genealogy News blog, we now all know about Mocavo.com, an exciting new genealogy search engine.  It's only been up and running for a week, and is overwhelmingly biased towards the US at the moment, but I suspect we shall all be giving the website a fair old bash over the coming months and years.  Looks promising.


Issue 102 of Your Family Tree is coming out soon - there's a preview here.

Audrey Collins' blog, The Family Recorder, brings to our attention an interesting exhibition currently showing in Manchester.  Death is a subject particularly 'dear' to the hearts of us family historians, so it'll be well worth a look if you're in the neighbourhood.


Part 4 of The Nosey Genealogist's guide to Jersey research can be found here.

The National Library of Wales has a lengthy blog post here about research into Welsh deeds, estate records, and the like.

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