Tuesday 15 March 2011

New Book


Chris Paton's Scottish GENES blog is a regular haunt of mine - a well respected expert in his field, is Mr Paton, and an excellent 'passer-on' of genealogical news.  Though I've not seen it myself, Chris has a new book on the market which may interest many of you entitled Tracing Your Family History on the Internet.  Another esteemed blogger, John Reid, gives the publication a review, here.

There's more on the 'Save Our Workhouse' success of yesterday to be found on the English Heritage website, here.

A couple of little updates have been uploaded onto Ancestry's website (British Army WWI Pension Records and Eng/Wales BMD Index).

And thanks to The Family Recorder blog for pointing out David Schneider's sideways look at the Census forms, here (you might have to flick back through his blog entries a bit).


Death of...
Julius Caesar, in 44BC - stabbed to death at the Theatre of Pompey in Rome.

1877:  First ever international cricket Test Match begins - Australia v.England in Melbourne.  Australia were to win by 45 runs.

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