Tuesday 29 March 2011

The Census: Recent History


Came across this the other day: a website listing copies of the Census forms from 1971-2001.  In fact, if you're really into background information on the topic, then the rest of the site may be of interest to you, too.  Wonder how many of us have kept copies of our completed returns for the last few decades?

John Reid has pointed out the existence of the Churches of Ireland Flickr Group.  Great resource this - but then again, so is Flickr, full stop.


Chris Paton has pointed out an update to the Scottish Monumental Inscriptions website - see here.

And how about these offers from BooksIreland.org.uk:-


Here's Part 6 of 'Researching Family in Jersey' from The Nosey Genealogist.


1461:  Battle of Towton, the bloodiest battle on British soil, was fought, in which 28,000-38,000 died;
1912:  Captain Scott perished in Antarctica on his way back from the South Pole.

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