Monday 28 March 2011

Census Mania!


Before you ask, no, I don't have a special story to tell surrounding the filling in of my census form.  I completed the paper version, copied it, and sent it off this morning.  Many of the bloggers of the genealogical world, however, took advantage of the occasion to publicise their thoughts.  The Wandering Genealogist pondered what future generations would make of his answers; Chris Paton decided to slip in a few bits of further information for a bit of fun; and The Family Recorder (Audrey Collins) couldn't resist looking back at her very hands-on experience of a previous census (with some links to other interesting articles, too).

It all makes me wonder if us genealogists shouldn't have got together and organised some sort of 'alternative census', which could have included some much more interesting questions than the official questionnaire.  Hang on a minute, maybe we could do that in 2021 when the official census is no more (as rumours would have us believe).  Mmm...


There is, of course, the release of the 1911 Scottish Census coming up, too.  Have a look at another of Chris Paton's posts, here, for the latest news on this important topic.

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