Saturday 25 June 2011

WDYTYA? Line-up Unveiled


Fans of the TV series Who Do You Think You Are? will be interested in the announcement of the line-up for the forthcoming series.


TNA's website has been quite active of late, with announcements concerning their annual report, their one-day closure this coming Thursday 30th June, and the release of their latest Podcast (The Last Thing We Need is a Sequel: Post-War Cinema at TNA).

DeceasedOnline have added a massive batch of new Edinburgh burial & cremation records to their database - see here.

The Scottish GENES blog points us in the direction of a scare regarding the 2011 Census data having been hacked into (!) - see the official response here.  Let's hope there is, indeed, nothing in the story - because, my goodness, really would be an embarrassment for the authorities!

Summaries of the recent inaugural TNA User Advisory Group meeting are starting to appear online.  The SoG's take on the occasion can be found here.

I know I mentioned this a few days ago, but FindMyPast's Militia records release has received a good deal of publicity this week - so here's a bit more info on the dataset.

The latest Podcast from the guys at BBC History Magazine is now available.

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