Monday 6 June 2011

Crime and the Family History Scene


The National Library of Scotland has been hit with a pretty damaging criminal act, resulting in the loss of half a million pounds.  Chris Paton's post, here, provides a neat way into the story, including further links and some comment.

It is perhaps wise to mention at this juncture (i.e. before it's too late) the staging of 'Scotland's Family Tree' 2011 AGM in Perth on 30th July.  I have it on good authority from several folk that this is a very worthwhile gathering - the above-named Chris Paton, for one, waxes lyrical about it, here!  The direct link can be found here.  Best get your ticket ASAP.

GeneaBloggers' weekly update of new family history blogs can be found here - though there is nothing of any great interest for general UK/Irish researchers.


To tie in, again, with this post's title, there's an interesting article on the Daily Mail website concerning 'baby farming'.  Don't be put off by the somewhat irrelevant full-length, posed photo of the article's author (!), as the piece touches upon a fascinating aspect of our ancestors' past.


Something else which I spotted on GeneaBloggers was this rather curious post, concerning 'The Face of Genealogy'.  It seems that the offending image has now been removed from the website in question - but it is a rather strange little story.


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