Thursday 23 June 2011

Of Ireland and Yorkshire


The 'Irish Genealogy News' blog has featured a number of interesting items of late - so many, in fact, that rather than list the posts separately, it will be quicker for you to go straight to the main site, here, and scour the news for yourself.  The topics covered aren't exclusively Irish, and cover the following subjects:
  • Genes Reunited upgrade (22nd June entry);
  • Westmoreland Lock Hospital records release (22nd June);
  • Interesting follow-up piece on the recent Google-British Library deal (21st June);
  • RTE Genealogy Roadshow update (20th June);
  • Dublin graduates record release (20th June).

Elsewhere, Ancestry have made what looks like a major addition to their database as far as Yorkshire researchers are concerned.  Though fine detail seems to be a bit lacking, check out their recent announcement - if you've West Yorkshire interests it may be worth running a new search or two!

Ancestry have also posted a curious little item about their 'Motion Picture Studio Directories'.


Spotted on the MyHeritage blog is an interesting piece about the 'Changing Face of Australia'.

And John Reid has a piece about Twitter usage among genealogists, here.

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