Sunday 12 June 2011

Metropolitan Police Talk


The National Archives has posted its latest Podcast, here, on the subject of The Metropolitan Police: an introduction to records of the service, 1829-1958.

The Irish Genealogy News blog has produced a list of forthcoming events for what's left of June.

And the GOONS are continuing to push their extended membership offer, here.  This time they're focusing on potential US members - but note that their offer will apply across the Internet during 24th-26th June.


Two interesting pieces looking back to very different aspects of British life in days of old have popped up online.  Firstly, there's a short piece on the history of that great London landmark, Selfridge's, here.  And Chris Paton provides a window onto the world of his Ag Lab ancestors of the 1790s, here.  Fascinating.


In future, I have decided that Sunday will be my day off.  I shall still post Monday-Saturday, but family pressures have dictated that it's best if I leave Sundays free.  You'll not miss any news, though, as I'll just squeeze more into the remaining six days!

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