Friday 3 June 2011

Parish Chest Update


Those friendly folk at Parish Chest have issued another of their regular updates.  The usual banter followed by a lengthy listing of new product releases can be found here.

Earlier this week I presented you with a short list of forthcoming events and fairs.  Well, I forgot about one, namely, the Family & Local History Fair being held at Troon on Saturday 4th June (9am-4pm) - venue: Walker Halls (see here).  I did mention this a couple of weeks back but wanted to remind you all nearer the time.  Sorry I've left it a bit late.

Those of you within striking distance of The National Library of Scotland may wish to check out their 'Events' page.  There are a few bits and pieces coming up which are of interest to genealogists; and whilst you're on their website have a little sniff around - links to 'Exhibitions' and 'Audio Recordings' are especially interesting.


Your regular fix of 'History Headlines' from the BBC can be found here.


And forthcoming TV & Radio programmes can be found here and here.


1937:  The Duke of Windsor marries Mrs Wallis Simpson.

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