Wednesday 22 June 2011

Militia Records Release


FindMyPast have added some important new Military records to their databank in the shape of the Militia Attestation Papers 1806-1915, which contain details of around half a million individuals.

Although the announcement has come a little bit too late for us to make a contribution/suggestion, the SoG site has announced, here, that it is sending a representative (Else Churchill) to today's inaugural meeting of the The National Archives' User Advisory Group.  Worth reading the post, though, as it gives an indication as to how the body will operate.

John Reid's 'Anglo-Celtic Connections' blog has brought to our attention a webinar on the topic of Genetic Genealogy - see here.  I realise the news is a bit late (it's being held at 3pm GMT tomorrow, 23rd), but hopefully some of you may catch it - and it may be available to view afterwards, too, I guess.  John also notifies us of the availability of some random records from the North-East of England, too - see here.

And yesterday saw the release of the latest issue of Your Family Tree Magazine - and the same folks are also pushing their interesting-looking new e-book, here, entitled Skeletons in the Cupboard.

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