Saturday 18 June 2011

Dads Getting Older


An interesting article has appeared on the MyHeritage blog outlining recent trends in fatherhood.  It indicates quite clearly that first-time fathers are getting older, with the global average rising from 29 to 31 in the last decade.  For the full story, click here.


The Guild of One-Name Studies is preparing for a special 'Open Day' in Lincoln on 7th July.  Non-members welcome.  See here for the official news release.

The National Library of Scotland has made a couple of announcements.  Firstly, there's some newly-digitised historic films of the old country to enjoy, here; then there's the new self-service scanning and copying facilities - see here.

TNA have put out a new Podcast entitled Suing and Being Sued - finding people in legal disputes.

And if you've a spare eighty quid, you may be tempted into buying a special edition of Society of Genealogists - A Century of Family History.  More info here.


1815:  Wellington defeats the French at Waterloo.  As the day turns against him Napoleon is heard to say, "Oh well, no matter what happens, there is always death."


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