Thursday 30 June 2011

A Dramatic Exhumation?


This news is a week old, so please excuse me if you've already heard it, but a few days ago the Daily Mail website reported that an application has been made to unearth the remains of William Shakespeare.  Most interesting - especially when one considers that there is a curse to circumvent in the process.  See the full article here

The Irish Genealogy News blog has a batch of stories to catch up on, here.  They concern Ireland's National Heritage Week (20th-28th August), a new family history course, plus a couple of items I've already covered of late.

Those of you with Manx interests may wish to have a look at this news item concerning the forthcoming launch of a new iMuseum.  Looks interesting.  There's also a Family History Surgery on 6th July - and lots of other stuff, too, taking place during a special week of events.

Family History Monthly have published their 'Summer Special' issue today - see here.

And there's a nice story about Charles Dickens' old house going up for sale, here - though I suspect the price tag may be a bit of a stretch for most of us.


TV & Radio for the coming week can be found here.


1837:  The use of the pillory was outlawed in England & Wales;
1894:  London's Tower bridge was officially opened;
1980:  The last day the old British sixpence - no longer legal tender after midnight.

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