Tuesday 28 June 2011

Beware the 30th


If, as now seems likely, public sector workers decide to plough ahead with strike action on Thursday 30th June, it will effect many of our libraries and repositories, large and small.  I have heard all sorts of tales of planned closures, partial closures, and the like, so I would remind you all to be careful what to expect on your research travels on the day in question.  Even if the strike is called off at the last minute, it would be wise to check on opening times, etc., just in case it's too late to revert to 'normal hours'.

TheGenealogist has announced the release of several new books, directories, etc., spread over two announcements at their website, here.  Poll books, and some military stuff are to be found there, too (all relating to England).

If you fancy a new job, the National Library of Wales is looking for a new president - see here.

Events over the next few days include:

And here's your regular look back at 'This Week in History'.


The HistoryToday website covers a couple of related topics: Archives Threatened by Government Cuts looks at the impact of digitisation on how our archives services may be run in the future; and Will Spending Cuts Destroy England's Cultural Heritage? points us in the direction of a recent report by the British Academy.


Thanks to GOONS/Chris Paton for flagging a great site for tracking the availability of old movies.  Best go through Chris's post, here.  And, gosh, there's a lot of stuff up there!  The search returns don't often give direct links into the film clips themselves, but rather simply detail their whereabouts.  Still useful, though, and very interesting.

GeneaBloggers' latest batch of new family history blogs can be found here.

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