Saturday 2 April 2011

Record Office Changes


I try to keep the news items featured on this blog of a 'major' nature, and not have too much in the way of 'local' material - unless, of course, such items are a little out-of-the-ordinary in themselves.  However, I have noticed an awful lot of our county record offices and archives are changing their opening hours of late - generally, it seems, around the beginning of April.  All to do with 'the cuts', I suppose, but also a little to do with the changing habits of archive users (more online activity, email queries, etc.).  Anyway, my point is that you should check out the opening hours of your local office before your next visit - chances are there have been some changes!

The big change in Scotland, of course, is the merger of the National Archives of Scotland and the General Register Office for Scotland into the new 'National Records of Scotland' (from 1st April).  Both of the old websites remain unchanged and operational, and no proper news has yet been forthcoming regarding how the merger will affect us researchers.  If there are any dramatic announcements, I'll let you know.

PRONI's recent re-opening continues to make the news.  Chris Paton has reported heavily on the topic, and has even uploaded a neat little video report on the institution's new search room, here.  Chris's blog also has a lot of minor Scottish news which has come to light over the past couple of days - check it out here.  One special item worth mentioning is the release of the latest issue of Discover My Past - Scotland.


DIPPAM (Documenting Ireland: Parliament, People & Migration) is a new, free online resource which brings together three existing record sets and ... well, if you've got Irish interests check it out for yourself - the homepage tells you all you need to know.  Looks like an outstanding resource.


1977:  Red Rum wins the Grand National for a third time;
1982:  Argentina invades the Falklands;
2005:  Pope John Paul II dies.

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