Sunday 3 April 2011

News from Ireland & Abroad


A little rush of news from Ireland in the last day or two has kept bloggers there busy.  Irish Genealogy News is worth a visit, with several posts of interest.  Click on the link to find out about 'Updates to Ireland Genealogy Projects', 'Dates for Your Diary' and a link to a newspaper report about the possible early release of the 1926 Irish Census.

I see that FamilySearch has added more than 20 million free records for overseas countries, including Hungary, Brazil, Canada, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico, USA, Venezuela, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Spain and Zimbabwe.  The total includes 9 million from Hungary and 5 million from Mexico. are having a 'Free Access Week' for US records from the Civil War era, 1860-70, including Census records. Offer spans 7th-14th April.

Those of you following Europeana's efforts to get German memories of WWI online will want to check out this blog entry.  OK, so it's nothing to do with British/Irish genealogy, but it gives an interesting new angle on events that shaped our ancestors lives.

And, coming back to the UK, have a listen to the latest Podcast from the folk at BBC History Magazine.  Subjects covered are Britain's war machine, the history of hairstyles, and 'slavery after abolition'.  There's also a competition to win an iPad woven into the talk.


Can't let this item slip by, either.  I hope Audrey Collins isn't making this one up!  If so, then I've got egg on my face!!

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