Friday 29 April 2011

Guess What?


Yes, the Royal Wedding, that's what.  Can't get moved for it today.  Most of the information sources which I utilise - both genealogical and historical - seem to be jammed with the subject, as you will be able to tell from most of that which follows.

The main culprits are the BBC's many websites.  One of my favourite haunts is the BBC History Magazine's site, HistoryExtra - and I must say they have provided plenty of reading for us this weekend, all of which can be reached from their homepage.  Here you will see the usual weekly 'History Headlines' feature, the May magazine's 'Podcast', and - you've guessed it - a special 'Out & About' Royal Wedding feature, and a 'Royal Weddings Through History' teaser piece.  Lovely.  Mmm.

I'm guessing that you want more?  Well, History Today magazine's website has a 'Royal Weddings Through the Ages' feature (some interesting video footage and some further links included).

Just the one more.  TheGenealogist has announced a couple of recent releases, only one of which has Royal connections.  See here.

As for other news, we have a major announcement to interest West Yorkshire researchers from FindMyPast, here.

Also, the National Archives of Scotland/National Records of Scotland are reinstating access to their maps and plans on 4th May - see here.  Important to note that full access will not yet be available, and that, in future, access is being restricted to digital copies (where available) rather than the originals.

And last, but by no means least, is the 9th and final instalment of 'Researching Family in Jersey' from The Nosey Genealogist's guest blogger, James McLaren.  An excellent series - access to all nine parts can be found here.

I don't doubt there'll be more Royal stuff to report on tomorrow.  I can already see further news releases starting to pile up in my in-box!  But you've had enough for today...


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