Tuesday 26 April 2011

New Scots Website


The ScottishGENES blog has picked up the news of the launch of the new 'National Records of Scotland' website - as Chris Paton says, though, it is little more than a 'portal' to the existent sites with which you will be familiar.  Worth bookmarking the new URL, none the less, as it is sure to be an essential point of reference in the future.

The May issue of the BBC History Magazine is now on the market.


MyHeritage has posted an interesting blog entry on the subject of rare British surnamesBlimey, and I thought my surname was rare!  Interestingly, they say that there are only two MacQuoids on the British electoral register - well, one of them was the headmaster of my son's former school, and I suppose the other one must be his wife!

Needless to say, another couple of pieces on weddings have popped up.  Ancestry look at our wedding traditions, here; and there is a pictorial look back at wedding-day fashions, here.


1986:  Chernobyl Disaster (25th anniversary).

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