Sunday 10 April 2011

Irish Census Day


It's Irish Census Day today.  I haven't noticed quite as much historical hullabaloo as that which surrounded the UK equivalent a couple of weeks ago, but Irish Genealogy News has kindly marked the occasion with a few short articles.

Yet another instalment of 'Researching Family in Jersey' (part 7) has appeared on the Nosey Genealogist's blog, here.


Some big news for Norfolk researchers from the FamilySearch website.  I noticed this on John Reid's Anglo-Celtic Connections blog, so I shall let him explain, here.


First mentioned on this blog on 5th April, the brand new 'Connected Histories' website is starting to make a bit more of a splash now.  The site itself can be found here; comment by the SoG appears here; and a video about how to use the site has popped up here.

Those of you eagerly awaiting the launch proper of FindMyPast Ireland will want to have a read of Chris Paton's post on the topic, here.  Seems like they're getting there... eventually!

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