Wednesday 6 April 2011

More on the 1911 Scottish Census


Folk are still talking about the release of the 1911 Census north of the border.  Apart from what I have already mentioned, you can find find several items of interest on the BBC's WDYTYA? Magazine website - including a chance to win a 'Scottish reference guide package worth £70'.

Audrey Collins has also written a lengthy post on the subject, here, which covers not only the Scottish returns but those from England and Wales, too.

Devon researchers may wish to participate in the following survey:-
It's all to do with collecting views and opinions prior to the big get-together on 15th April regarding the future of the county's record offices - so it's important to take part!

Coincidentally, there are some important developments nearby concerning the Plymouth & West Devon Record Office set-up, here.


The aforementioned Audrey Collins has provided a useful list of mapping websites, here.


FindMyPast have posted the first of a series of articles on understanding and interpreting old family photographs, here.  I think I must be one of the few genealogists who don't have any pre-WWI family images - but the write-ups are sure to be very interesting all the same!


The excellent Parish Chest have posted their latest update, here.  Towards the very end of the newsletter there is mention of a new mystery website, thus:

I was surprised recently to see that someone else has launched a web site called British Genealogy. Well, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Do they mean BI-Gen, I wonder?  Can't be sure, because the website title doesn't quite match up.


1830:  Mormon Movement founded in the USA by Joseph Smith;
1896:  Modern Olympic Games revived in Athens;
1909:  American Robert Peary claims to have become the first man to reach the North Pole.

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