Friday 15 April 2011

Audiovisual Archives


The British Film Institute and the British Library have this week signed a 'Memorandum of Understanding' to improve general access to audiovisual and broadcast material held by various organisations across the UK.  One of the great untapped resources of the digital age, the spoken word and the moving picture could provide many of us family historians with our best insight yet into the world of our ancestors.  Bring it on!  Read the BL's press release here.

Ancestry's latest Updated newsletter can be found here. Nothing to write home about, but have a quick look anyway.

FindMyPast have added almost 100,000 new Wiltshire parish records (baptisms) to their database - see here.


Get the latest TV & Radio info for the coming week, here.


Back to FindMyPast, and Part 2 of their series on understanding and interpreting family photographs.

And ever wondered what the heck is going on with the Irish Civil Registration system and how to access it?  Well, Chris Paton's got it all in hand, here, with a blog entry that passes as a medium-sized article!


Another item to appear on Chris's blog is his summary of what might be described as the ultimate family history survey!


1912:  Titanic sinks - 1,500+ dead;
1989:  Hillborough Disaster - 96 dead.

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