Tuesday 5 April 2011

1911 Scottish Census Released


Great news for Scottish researchers with the release of the 1911 Census for the nation this morning.  As ever, Chris Paton's blog is bang up to date with the latest - his site can be found here, where there are several entries on the subject.  Chris's lengthy blog of today's date includes many other links of interest - do have a look before you plunge into the data itself.

The latest news release from TNA is not of any great interest to family historians, but here it is anyway.  There is a related podcast here.


Another of TNA's news releases, here, points us to another new resource - namely the 'Connected Histories' website.  One to add to your bookmarks list, I reckon.

FindMyPast Ireland may not have properly launched yet, but they've set up a Facebook page, here.


MyHeritage's blog asks the question of how a baby's gender affects family planning in an interesting little article, here.  The statistics are hardly surprising, I suppose, but it's fascinating to see how couples make decisions about whether or not to try for a 3rd or 4th child.

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