Wednesday 2 May 2012

'War Hero in My Family' ... & other news

OK, so it's a bit late for last night's show, but I spotted this post on the Ancestry blog regarding TV's latest genealogy show, War Hero in My Family. You can still catch last night's episode here.

The Public Libraries News blog has another pop at minister Ed Vaizey, here.

Blogger Chris Paton provides a nice summary of recent news from the National Library of Scotland.

Some of you may find a use for the release of the first instalment of Alumni Oxonienses at the British History Online website.

More interesting stories from Europeana's WWI project can be browsed here.

If you're confused by the 'social media' jungle, then this webinar from the States may help. I haven't had a chance to listen to all of it myself yet, so cannot vouch for it personally.

John D Reid looks at a new book about Irish research.

And Claire Santry chips in with more Irish news concerning the Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives.

A reminder of a useful and often under-used resource, JSTOR, can be found here.

There's a word of warning about variant spelling and errors in transcriptions from Audrey Collins, here.

Ros Bott has a brief look at our May Day traditions.

Oh, and I see Dick Turpin's house is up for sale.

More news, stories and other bits and bobs available via the BI-Gen Twitter feed. Have a look - you might miss something!

Oh, and don't forget...

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Not very 'genealogical', I'm afraid - just plain odd...

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