Thursday 3 May 2012

DNA, the Irish and more...

US blogger, Randy Seaver, brings our attention to a short video promoting the still yet-to-be-released AncestryDNA product. Promises to be very interesting indeed.

More DNA news comes in the shape of the launch of 'Ireland's DNA'. Article here, website here.

Ireland's 'Federation of Local History Societies' has recently launched its new website at Actually, if you go there and click on 'Newsletters' on the RH side, you can view their latest, er, newsletter, which contains a few items of interest.

I suspect there may be some out there who will want to contribute to the idea of a 'Diaspora Centre in Ireland' - see this post on the 'That Moment in Time' blog. Excuse my ignorance, but I don't remember coming across this story before - the source of which seems to be here (essentially the same text).

Scots may be interested in the Scottish Local History Forum's forthcoming Local History Workshop on 19th May - see here. Hopefully, there's still time to book.

The National Archives have issued further general guidance on their new catalogue, 'Discovery' (especially useful for lovers of the old DocumentsOnline service).

There's more news from the Europeana WWI project, here. This thing really seems to have taken off - wonderful idea.

Genealogical statisticians will want to take in the 'Sexy Slough & Randy Reading' news item on the brightsolid website.

And more news, etc., can be found via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

As genealogists, the subject of 'gender' plays quite a large part in our activities. What, therefore, is one to make of this...

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