Wednesday 16 May 2012

On Your Marks ...

Get yourself in the mood for the Olympics frenzy which is set to engulf us with this topical announcement from TNA - and they have a podcast on the topic, too. Oh, hang on a minute, there's also a blog entry, here! I suspect that this is not the last we'll hear on the subject matter in question...

The May edition of the FFHS's E-Zine is now available. Always plenty of interest to run your eyes over, so do have a look.

Developments regarding the availability of post-1858 wills for England & Wales is outlined on the FFHS website.

Some Irish news from Claire Santry...

Talking of missed events, here's another one - the Glamorgan Family History Day, again on Saturday 19th May, at Rhondda Heritage Park.

Nice story at the FindMyPast Ireland blog about the considerable Irish connections of the great inventor, Marconi.

US blogger, Randy Seaver, provides a nice overview of English parish registers on the FamilySearch site - see here.

Those following the success story that is Europeana may wish to check out this report on their recent get-together.

And whilst we're on the international front, take a look at these splendid time-lapse maps of Europe.

More bits and pieces available at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Not exactly an epitaph, but an epigram - to Frederick, eldest son of King George II, who died in 1751:

Here lies poor Fred
Who was alive and is dead;
Had it been his father,
I had much rather;
Had it been his brother,
Still better than another;
Had it been his sister,
No-one would have missed her;
Had it been the whole generation,
So much better for the nation.
But since 'tis only Fred,
Who was alive and is dead,
There's no more to be said.

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