Thursday 31 May 2012

Irish News + Other Stuff

Bad news from Ireland, with the suspension of the National Archives' free genealogy service - details available from Claire Santry's blog. The same blog also brings us another update to the Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives.

More data has been made available at FindMyPast Ireland's website re. Ireland's Petty Sessions Order Books.

A brief (and not altogether favourable) review of the new Kent Library & History Centre is online here.

Interesting bit of news about DNA and genealogy from blogger Dick Eastman.

The seventh (and last) in the series of PRONI/OUI lectures, entitled 'Families', is now online at PRONI's YouTube Channel - click here for part 1. You can easily negotiate your way to the other parts (and the other lectures) via this link.

GenesReunited have published a comprehensive update on changes to their 'search' procedures.

Great spot by @BMSGH on Twitter: Old Bailey Online.

An easily overlooked source for the family historian is highlighted here.

The HistoryToday Magazine is now available in a number of digital formats - see here.

I order you all to sign this petition to help save history on BBC4!

Finally, it's not very genealogical, but as a rambler, map-lover and historian, I love this piece on trig points.

More news at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Interesting point made in this article about...

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  1. My name is Jane Lyons and I began transcribing Laois graveyards back in 1996. I have been photographing Irish gravestones for the last 8 or 9 years.

    I have a website called from-ireland and it has been online since 2001. We currently have a gravestone index with about 19,200 names in it - of people from all over Ireland.

    We are uploading 14,000+ photographs from 109 graveyards to from-ireland ...over the next few weeks. They are mainly gravestone photographs taken in counties from Cork to Dublin. My main concentration has been Laois and Kilkenny graveyards needless to say.

    Once this collection is made available to the public it will be one of the largest collection of Irish gravestone photographs available on the internet. Each gravestone has had the names on it added to our index and the index will show people which graveyard to go to to get the photographs

    From Ireland - Irish Ancestry, Genealogy & Family History
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