Wednesday 30 May 2012

Family History Quiz

In the distinct absence of major family history news this week, I have decided to lay before you one of the quizzes from my Family & Local History Quiz Book. I will spare you any excessive sales blurb, but if you want to purchase a copy of the publication then click on the image in the right-hand side bar (prices start from a mere £1.90).

This quiz is categorised in the book as 'General Family History - Moderate'. Scroll down for the answers.

1.          In what year did parish registers commence in England & Wales?
2.          What is known as an “admon”?
3.          In which year did Hardwick’s Marriage Act come into force?
4.          In a parish register, what name is often shortened to “Jno”?
5.          What can be attached to a will in order to slightly change it?
6.          Which well-known genealogical organisation was founded in 1911?
7.          Between 1754 and 1837, all marriages had to take place in a Church of England church, except those of Jews and __________ ?
8.          Rose’s Act of 1812 brought in the use of what from 1st January 1813?
9.          What is palaeography?
10.        What is a “contiguous” parish?
11.        When was adoption recognised by English law?
12.        What is an “annuitant”?
13.        Which national genealogical organisation was founded in 1961 in Kent?
14.        What is a “CARN” card?
15.        What is an “indenture”?
16.        Which famous genealogical guild was founded in 1979?
17.        What is meant by the term “patronymic”?
18.        What does AGRA stand for?
19.        What work is commonly known as the “DNB”?
20.        What is a “toponymic” surname?


1. 1538
2. A Grant of Letters of Administration when a person dies without a will
3. 1754
4. John
5. Codicil
6. The Society of Genealogists
7. Quakers
8. Pre-printed bound volumes for the separate recording of baptisms, marriages and burials
9. The study of old handwriting
10. A neighbouring (bordering) parish
11. 1927
12. Someone in receipt of an annual sum of money, usually from a private settlement
13. The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies
14. ‘County Archive Research Network’ card – needed to use many of the UK’s record offices and archives
15. A formal agreement for the hiring of a servant or apprentice, or, sometimes, an agreement concerning property
16. The Guild of One-Name Studies (GOONS)
17. A surname derived from a father’s first name (e.g. Robertson)
18. Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives
19. Dictionary of National Biography
20. One derived from a place-name

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