Friday 4 May 2012

Adoptee Project, Family History Show, etc.

Several sources have reported the launch, yesterday, of the Global Adoptee Genealogy Project. Sounds most interesting - see Michael J Leclerc's brief post here.

Episode 6 of 'The Family History Show' is now available - including interviews with Ancestry, Mocavo, FMP and SoG.

After yesterday's mention, a fair bit more info about the AncestryDNA product can be found here. And blogger Randy Seaver has brought a few useful strands together on the topic (from a US point of view) here.

The National Library of Ireland has released its April e-newsletter.

Cheshire/Macclesfield researchers will want to have a look at the latest post by blogger Audrey Collins.

Check out this amazing story about England's first attempt to colonise North America.

From the same source (MailOnline), the romantics among you will love this one.

Thursday 10th May is a day to avoid doing anything which may involve 'public services' due to industrial action - for example, see TNA's announcement, here.

The usual batch of Friday goodies from the BBC's HistoryExtra website:

More bits and pieces at the BI-Gen Twitter feed (inc. quite a few Irish items).

Oh, and don't forget... (this will be my last reminder!)

(use code APRSUB10 - valid until 6th May)

Listen up, now ...

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