Friday 25 May 2012

S&N Newsletter + Queen Vic Bonanza

First up is another great e-newsletter from the folks at S&N Genealogy - their 'Jubilee Edition' can be found here. Lots of items of interest, especially for English researchers + a couple of Scottish items, and there are some articles + an offer or two in there as well (BTW, no, I don't have a vested interest in the company, but I just like their newsletter!).

More Queen Victoria stuff has popped up online. Best way in is to follow this link to TNA's latest announcement, where you will find other leads to follow (including the splendid new 'private journals' website!).

Thanks to Philippa McCray of the FFHS and her informer for pointing out this course at Keele University which is of great interest to family historians.

Are you curious about who may be considered the greatest ever world leader with Irish roots? If so, take a look at this from FMP Ireland.

Here's an odd one: a 'Genealogy Bus Trip' of Ireland (well, a bit of it, anyway). How interesting!

Some of you may wish to have a browse of the latest special offers from Pen & Sword Books.

Thanks to @GuildOneName on Twitter for flagging this website on English place-names.

Addendum to yesterday's post re. Ancestry from Arthur Kennedy:

I was interested to see your note on BI-Gen about the Poll Books at Ancestry. As far as I can make out they will be the ones that used to be at the Guildhall Library, and according to the entries in the Gibson Guide to Poll Books, this should include a fair smattering from all over the country. I was pleased to find the 1818 Poll Book for Hull - not many places have a copy, and there aren't any modern transcripts/copies of it. One of my ancestors went from Leeds to vote in Hull, and subsequently disappeared, according to a notice in the Leeds Intelligencer from the beginning of 1819. Now I know that he made it as far as Hull and cast his vote - even though the question remains of what happened next.

- thanks Arthur. Oh, and there's more comment on the topic from John D Reid, here.

Finally, here's the usual Friday helping from the BBC's HistoryExtra website:

(strangely, one TV programme not listed in the 'On Demand' section is the excellent Hitler's Children - please try to catch it on the BBC iPlayer if you can, as it's all about family history. Look out for a short follow-up article regarding the same on the BI-Gen Blog tomorrow)

More news and other bits & bobs at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Epitaph to a glutton?

Here lies Johnny Cole,
Who died, on my soul,
After eating a plentiful dinner;
While chewing his crust,
He was turn'd into dust,
With his crimes undigested, poor sinner!

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