Monday 2 January 2012

New Beginnings


As you would expect, the Internet is awash with New Year stuff. Lots of nonsense and waste-of-time efforts, but a few notable items, too. If anyone spots any particularly entertaining pieces, do let me know.

Those I've noticed include this post on the GeneaBloggers site - with mention, too, of weekly blog/research themes of former years. Not sure how the 2012 theme will pan out, but the 2011 instalments, prompting the individual to record their own personal history, were a great idea (and are still available for persual).

The Passionate Genealogist is having a crack at regular postings, too - but in this instance it's a Daily Research Tip via her Facebook page. See the relevant post here.


For those of you utterly determined to stay in the festive mood, then take a look at this article on the MyHeritage blog concerning New Year traditions from around the world.

And if you're wondering which anniversaries will dominate our historical world in 2012, then The Family Recorder blog suggests that the coming year may have a Dickensian feel to it.


If it's old-fashioned genealogical news you want today, then John Reid's Anglo-Celtic Connections blog brings us the latest update from the FreeBMD site; and then there's a little item from John concerning UK nurse records.

Check out the January newsletter from the CWGC, here.

And there's a newsletter, too, from the National Library of Ireland.

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