Wednesday 25 January 2012

Family History Small Talk

Nothing to write home about, news-wise, on the family history scene today, but, as ever, there's always something happening in some dark corner of the genealogical world worth a quick mention...

Ancestry have launched a competition in connection with the War Horse: Fact & Fiction exhibition at the National Army Museum - and the winner will have their story told as part of the exhibition display. Naturally, the tale must be relevant to the subject matter - see here.

Ancestry have also updated their 1911 Census records pertaining to Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands - more details available on their updates page.

Those off to tomorrow's PRONI talk on the subject of 'Crime' will want to know about the late change of plan, here.

I now bring you three items from the HistoryToday Magazine website. First up is news of an interesting-looking Map App for history nuts. Then there's a frustratingly short insight into British participation in the Spanish Civil War. Finally, a historical look at Why Alcohol is Legal and Other Drugs are Not.

Judy Webster has been in touch to bring to our attention the worldwide 'Genealogists for Families Project'. I've been aware of it for a while but never yet mentioned it - so now I have! Click here, and then on 'About'. Very best wishes to Judy and the team in their worthwhile endeavours.

Interested in Cork and its history? Check out Claire Santry's blog post on the topic, here.

The British Library has won an award for its '19th Century Historical Collection' App - see here.

Another TNA Podcast has been made available online, here - its another effort from the October conference on the Census.

And you know how much I love the self-publishing organisation Lulu (I'm always going on about it)? Well, there's a 'free p&p' offer up for grabs until the end of January - and as p&p is the biggest (only) bugbear I have with the website, then this is a smashing offer. Click here to be taken to the homepage and you should see the offer flash up. You have to register (free) before you can use the site properly, but there are no catches (Note: my Lulu Storefront is here).

One final thing. From today, I'm going to try to include an 'oddity from the records' for every daily posting I make - so do remember to scroll all the way down to the bottom of each blog instalment so that you don't miss out. I will, in that case, need a little help from the readership in this regard, so if you have anything to send me then email me at - I'd be delighted to hear from you.

... Walter Knapp ... while ringing the greate bell hanging in the tower of the parishe churche of Drayton ... was by misfortune taken up with the rope of the said bell and suddenly let fall against the grounde paved with stones by reason whereof he was soe bruised that he instantly dyed ...
[Extract from a report by Bishop White of Ely, 1630s]

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  1. Thank you for highlighting the 'Genealogists for Families' project. This morning we had 139 members in 9 countries helping 297 individuals or groups throughout the world, and the numbers increase daily. I have put a link to your blog on our In the News page, which now has a very impressive list of articles about the project!